Wellness Policy You can read our school’s Wellness Policy here (PS196 wellness Policy ).

Coming to school every day (and on time) is a critical part of the learning experience.  You can read our Attendance Policy here (Attendance Regulations).  This year, we hope to increase overall attendance to 95%, or higher.  You can learn more about attendance on our Attendance Page (http://ps196q.edublogs.org/attendance/).

 School Electronics Policy

You can read our detailed electronics policy here (Cell Phone Use Policy PS 196-2cnnacr).  Please note that during State testing, students will need to hand in any and all electronics to their teacher before testing begins.  The phones and other devices will be labeled and brought to the main office.  Any devices found during testing, could void a student’s or class’s results.

PS196 Grading Policy

Our grading policy was created by a team of administrators, coaches and teachers.  The goal was to clarify our school’s grading policy, and to ensure that grading was cohesive and consistent across grades and curricular areas. To see the specifics of the grading policy, click here (Grading Policy)

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  1. I would agree but I also disagree because maybe kids could bring their devices to school but only for after-school because they play on their devices when their at after-school

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