Inclusivity & Equity

ALL children all welcome at PS196, and EVERY child deserves an excellent education.  We are committed to meeting each child where they are, no matter their race, ethnicity, cultural background, language, special needs or gender.  We support our students through a variety of initiatives and best practices.

Academically, there are high expectations for all students. Our dedicated, professional staff work each day to ensure that students are working at the +1 level.  Teachers use data on students to plan tiered tasks (differentiated tasks), which promote conceptual understanding.  It is not enough to master a skill in isolation.  The true measure of success is students’ ability to apply that skill across situations, and even across curricula.

For the social and emotional development of our students, we have several tools and initiatives:

PS 196 Sanford HarmonyImagine a classroom where students are empowered to connectcommunicate, collaborate, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. This is Sanford Harmony—a social-emotional program that builds strong classroom relationships and supportive learning communities.  The goal of Sanford Harmony is to integrate the evidenced-based strategies of Meet Up and Buddy Up and grade level lessons and activities into classroom schedules—and to promote the development of today’s students into respectful, compassionate, and caring adults for the future.

Inclusivity & Equity—In 2018 we established our Inclusivity-Equity Committee, made-up of teachers across grades and tasked with ensuring that we create a welcoming environment for ALL.  We have a Book-of-the-Month on a topic ranging from LGBTQ students, to students with special needs, to students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  We follow all DOE guidelines and regulations supporting all students.

You can read about our 2019-2020 books here:

You can read about our 2018-2019 books here:

Respect for All—Respect For All was launched in 2007 to actively promote a community of respect for diversity in each of our schools. Students should feel valued, supported and safe in their school.  Respect For All Week, which is celebrated in all NYC public schools, is usually held during mid-February. During this week, schools have the opportunity to highlight and build upon ongoing diversity programs and curriculum-based instruction. Schools also have the opportunity to embark upon new initiatives that promote respect for diversity and engage students in meaningful lessons and/or other activities that focus on preventing bias-based harassment, intimidation and/or bullying.  If you have questions about Respect for All, please contact our program coordinators Ms. Martello ( or Mr. Narcisse (

DASA—The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) was passed by New York State in July, 2012. The law affirms that all students in public schools are entitled to an environment free of discrimination and harassment. As a community, we have zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. Please know that any time a child reports an incident, steps are immediately taken to investigate and remedy the situation. All children should feel comfortable approaching any adult in the building, and know that their complaint will be taken seriously.