This is the front entrance of the school building.

Like all New York City public schools, we have been educating our students remotely since March 16, 2020.  We were in the process of moving from edublogs to another platform in order be ADA compliant.  We are therefore not updating this website.  You can reach us at the following email addresses.  Feel free to also follow our school announcements on Remind by joining @ps196q  We hope everyone is staying safe and we look forward to rejoining our community as soon as it is safe to do so.

Mary Pierantoni, parent coordinator,

Fabienne Matteis, student enrollment secretary,

Catherine Jarrat Koatz, assistant principal,

Blimie Berkowitz, assistant principal, special education,

Susan Migliano, principal,

Mrs. Migliano’s 2019-2020 Focus Priority Statements

2019-2020 Focus Priority Statement:

Strategically build teacher capacity for increasing opportunities for students to wrestle with cognitively challenging advanced literacy tasks, in order to improve engagement and elevate outcomes.

2019-2020 Focus Priority Sub-Statement:

Strategically build teacher capacity in designing rigorous tiered tasks and incorporating math talk to engage all students in learning, in order to develop their conceptual understanding in math, resulting in an increase in student progress.

Corona Virus Updates

For the latest information from the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), go to:

Please note that students must be 72-hours fever-free (without medicine) before returning to school.  They will also need a doctor’s note.

On March 10th, we sent home information from the DOE and the NYC Department of Health on the corona virus (Covid-19).  You can find those documents here:


COVID-19 fact sheet_final_03022020

Fact Sheet_COVID-19


Parent Workshop on 2020 NYS Exams

On November 20, Ms. Koatz led a workshop on the 2020 New York State exams (for grades 3-5). Here is a copy of her PowerPoint. (ELA Math Parent Workshop November 2019)

Some other key information…

2020 ELA Exams–March 25th & 26th

2020 Math Exams–April 22nd & 23rd

A plethora of information about State testing (including old exams and scoring guides from previous years), can be found on  We linked to some specific pages below.

To find the released questions from last year’s exams (along with scoring guides), go to:

The examples in the PowerPoint are all from 2017.  You can find those released questions here:

The Educator’s Guide, with rubrics for how all questions are scored, can be found here:


Kindergarten Parent Workshops 2019-2020

If you were unable to attend our workshop on Reading and Fundations in kindergarten, you can view the presentation here: Reading and Fundations Workshop 2019-2020

Here is the info from the Writing Workshop: Writing Workshop 2019-2020

Here is the info from the Math Workshop: Kindergarten Math Workshop 2019-2020

Here is the info from the Science & Social Studies Workshop: Science Social Studies K Workshop Presentation 2019

Gifted & Talented Testing

Each year, students in Pre-K through 2nd grade are eligible to take the New York City Gifted & Talented tests.  G&T programs are in very high demand.  There are fewer than 85 schools citywide with G&T programs this year.  Even receiving the highest score possible will not guarantee placement.

You can see a list of the schools with G&T programs in this year’s Admissions Guide (see link below):

We do not have G&T classes at PS196Q.  We believe in meeting the needs of all students within our classrooms.

If you are interested in registering for G&T testing, you can do so on MySchools (  The deadline for registering is November 12th.  Tests will be given in January.

If your child takes the G&T tests, you will receive their score in the spring.  If that score is high enough, you will also get an invitation to apply to a G&T program.  PS196Q will not receive your child’s score.