2021-2022 General Information

You can see the 2021-2022 school calendar here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/news/2021-2022-school-year-calendar

Our school hours for students are 8:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Students should arrive no earlier than 8:20 a.m., unless they are coming for FREE breakfast.  Students should arrive at 8:00 a.m., if they would like to participate in the NYC DOE free breakfast program.

All families will still need to fill out the DOE Health Screening (https://healthscreening.schools.nyc/) every morning.

Parents should take their children’s temperature at home every morning. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, will be sent home.

All families need to create an NYC Student Account (NYCSA) (https://mystudent.nyc/)  If you have not created a NYCSA account, please do so. If you need a code, please contact Ms. Jarrat Koatz (cjarrat@schools.nyc.gov). This is where you will get bussing information, review attendance, see report card grades, get State Test scores, and much more.

All students need to activate their @nycstudents.net account.  If you need help, please contact Ms. Jarrat Koatz (cjarrat@schools.nyc.gov).

For bussing info, log into your child’s NYCSA account and click on Transportation, or contact Ms. Beth Szabo (bszabo@schools.nyc.gov).

Parents Association Agenda

PARENTS ASSOCIATION MEETING Thursday, September 30, 2021 – 7:30 – 8:30PM via Zoom


  • Meeting called to order – set recording & notify attendees – 2 parents to open the meeting
  • Approval of June General Meeting Minutes
  • Welcome & Board Introduction
  • Principal’s Report – Mrs. Migliano
  • After School Program – Maria Romero
  • Treasurer’s Report / Annual Appeal – Anitha & Rachel
  • Update on committees & events in 2021 – 2022
    • Restaurant Fundraiser – Marcy & Ashley Curran
    • Picture Day – Marcy
    • 5th Grade Committee
    • Anti Racism Committee – Teresa Liu
    • Spiritwear
    • Wellness Council – Cigall
    • Social Media – Elaine
    • Class Parents / Volunteers
  • SLT (School Leadership Team) Report – Alyssa
  • Q&A
  • Adjournment – 2 parents to close the meeting

Parents Association Meeting Minutes

PARENTS ASSOCIATION MEETING–Thursday, September 30, 2021 – 7:30 – 8:30PM via Zoom

Board members in Attendance: Elizabeth Fassler (Co-President), Dina Halili (Co-President). Ilana Haas
(VP), Marcy Keltai (VP), Alyssa Pollack (VP), Anitha Iyer (Co- Treasurer), Rachel Bailik (Co- Treasurer)
Cigall Goldman (Co-Secretary), Elaine Wong (Co-Secretary)
Maria Romero (ASP) and 35 parents/caregivers were in attendance.
Call to order @ 7:32pm:
Approve minutes: Anitha Iyer-Kothari & Gilberto Soriano
– Welcome & Board Introduction
– Board introductions from Elizabeth Fassler, Dina Hallili, Alyssa Pollack, Marcy Keltai,
Ilana Hass, Cigall Goldman, Elaine Wong, Rachel Bialik, Anitha Iyer-Kothari
– Approval of June General Meeting Minutes
– Teresa Liu, Marcy Keltai
– Principal’s Report – Mrs. Migliano
– Ms. Migliano discussed safety protocol in the building. There is 3 feet distancing as
per CDC guidelines. Children and teachers are fully masked throughout the day
with mask breaks. There are 2 air purifiers in each classroom and windows are kept
open. No one will be working in PS 196 that is not vaccinated by Monday October
4th. Random COVID testing will occur every week. Doorknobs and water fountains
are being disinfected throughout the day. Classrooms are disinfected daily.
– Extra help is available for everyone throughout the year on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday. The teachers are cycling through the children to give everyone the
– Teachers are encouraged to use the outdoor classroom and space. We received
some funding from an outdoor learning initiative.
– Any Operoo questions please contact Ms. Berkowitz.
– Coffee and Conversation will begin on Tuesday October 12th at 11am.
– The idea of a Virtual Building Tour was brought up and Ms. Migliano will look into
– After School Program – Maria Romero
– Maria shared that before school started, the After School Program ran an all-day
program. The same DOE protocols are followed as the school day does. All staff
and anyone that enters the building is vaccinated. The after school program started
Sept 13 and is running very smoothly.
– Treasurer’s Report / Annual Appeal – Anitha & Rachel
– Went over the monthly report and shared information about the Annual Appeal.
– SLT (School Leadership Team) Report – Alyssa
– Teachers will start using IXL and there will be a workshop for parents.
– There is a new art teacher and we are hiring a new Parent Coordinator.
– Construction on the new wing. Opening of the new site will be September 2022.
– PA Afterschool was able to gift the school $200K*.
*This amount was updated after the meeting to reflect the accurate amount
– Update on committees & events in 2021 – 2022
– Spiritwear
– Rachel went over Spiritwear and shared the link to place orders.
– Restaurant Fundraiser – Marcy & Ashley Curran
– Chipotle fundraiser raised $143.98
– Picture Day – Marcy
– Picture Day will be October 4th and October 5th
– A group photo composite will be created from all the individual photos.
– 5th Grade Committee
– Linda Chan spoke about the 5th Grade Committee and requested
– Anti Racism Committee
– Teresa Liu spoke about the Anti-Racism Committee
– Wellness Council – Cigall
– Cigall requested volunteers to be involved with Wellness
– Social Media – Elaine
– Elaine discussed the PA’s social media efforts
– Class Parents / Volunteers
– Elizabeth Fassler discussed getting involved
Adjournment: Dina Halilli & Anitha Iyer-Kothari @ 8.46pm

Parents Association Minutes June 15, 2021

Board members in Attendance:  Ariana Palacio (Co-President). Linda Chan (Co- President), Folu (Fiyinfolu) Balogun (VP), Marcy Keltai (VP), Alyssa Pollack (VP), Anitha Iyer (Co- Treasurer), Vaibhav (Vay) Kothari (Co- Treasurer) Dina Halili (Secretary),

Maria Romero (ASP) and 31 parents/caregivers were in attendance.

Call to order @ 7:30 pm:

Approve minutes: Elaine Wong & Elizabeth Fassler

Ellen Chu (SLT representative)

  • Ellen spoke about 2 meetings SLT had- May and June. No new positive cases of Covid.  Tour will be given on the last day of school 6/25.  Hours next year will be 8:30-2:50pm, waiting for approval.

Maria Romero (ASP Director)

  • I am pleased to announce that the after school program will once again be held in PS196 as of September 13th for grades Kindergarten to Fifth. Our schedule will follow the DOE Calendar and program starts at dismissal everyday through 6:30 p.m.  We will also provide the morning program starting at 7:30 a.m., Monday to Friday for grades Kindergarten to Fifth.   Detailed information will be sent out to all families in the coming weeks and registration will start on August 5th on our website.  Please email me with any questions regarding the after school program and I will be more than happy to provide assistance.  Our parent coordinator, Mary Pierientoni sent out an email earlier today with some details regarding the Fall Program.  If you did not receive her email, please email me and I will send it to you.
  • Full Day Camp Program week of August 30th and week of Sept. 7th (TBD) Information regarding program will be sent out by mid-July.

Anitha Iyer (PA196 Treasurer)

  • Went over the monthly report. Proposed budget for 2021/2022 school  year was voted on.  Majority approved.

Dina Halili- School Supplies-

  • Last day for free delivery is 6/30. Site will be open and up thru 7/15.  All kits are approved by the teachers.

Cigall Goldman (Wellness Committee)

  • Relaxation class was held today. On 6/23 will be the last Tae Kwan doe class.
  • If you have any activities or ideas, please reach out: Wellness@pa196.org

Elaine Wong (Media Director)

  • The website is being updated, you can now view the PA Board in different languages.
  • Culture corner is available on the website w/fun facts and activities
  • If you have ideas or things you want posted, reach out to Elaine
  • Follow on twitter and IG (PAofPS196Q)

Marcy- Restaurant Fundraiser

  • Received $65 check from Pretzel factory fundraiser
  • Received $182 from our June Chipotle Fundraiser

Spiritwear- Rachel B.

  • The site will be open over the summer so you can order the spirit wear. Those who ordered will be receiving their orders by next week.

School Survey-

  • Please continue to fill them out- Friday 6/18 is the deadline. Winners for each grade will be announced by 6/22.

Nominations were held.

Sarah Han made a motion to approve nominations- uncontested.   Approved by Majority.

The PA of PS196Q Board members (2021-2022):
Co-Presidents –        Dina Halili and Elizabeth Fassler
Co-Secretaries –       Elaine Wong and Cigall Goldman
Co-Treasurers –        Anitha Iyer-Kothari and Rachel Bialik
Vice Presidents –      Alyssa Pollack,  Marcy Keltai and Ilana Haas

Newly elected SLT Parent Members (2021-2023):
Alyssa Pollack & Marina Tasopoulos-Chan

Adjournment: Linda Chan & Sarah Han @ 8.18pm