At PS196Q, we are committed to nurturing and supporting even our youngest learners.  Our Pre-Kindergarten, or Pre-K, students spend their days engaged in interactive play and exploration, making new connections between their budding minds and the world around them.

As in all New York City Pre-K classrooms, the Foundation for the Common Core guides students’ interactions in five Domains of Development:  1) Approaches to Learning, 2) Physical Development and Health, 3) Social and Emotional Development, 4) Communication, Language and Literacy, and 5) Cognition and Knowledge of the World.  You can read more about the Foundation by going here:

Pre-K Hours

Mondays—Thursdays:  8:40 a.m. —3:00 p.m. 

Fridays:  7:50 a.m. —2:10 p.m.

For additional Pre-K resources, go to:


  1. Is there an aftercare or extended day program for pre-k kids, to bridge the gap between pre-k hours till 6pm?

    • We have not been told how many we will have next year. This year we have 1 class, 18 seats, which were all filled by siblings.

      • Do you mean that there is no seat available for other applicants for this year ? Thank you

    • Hi, No, there is no PreK list. We take care of all materials for that grade. If you’d like to get a small backpack, that would be fine.

  2. Hi, I am interested in school tour. Is there an open house scheduled in coming months? Thank you.

    • Hi, I’m sorry, we don’t do Pre-K tours, because we only have one class available and it is filled by siblings in our school. We do have kindergarten tours each year. Those dates will be posted in the application materials next year.

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