Career Day 2016

Army Sergeant, Paleoanthropologist, Attorney, Career Advisor, Court Officer, College Professor, Writer, Sales, Cellist, Computer Programmer on and on…. Another successful Career Day! A big thank you to all the parents who participated. The children had an opportunity to hear about different careers and the skills required for each job, and most important for our children, to make connections why the things they are learning in school right now are important to their future and how they use this knowledge in the world to come.




Title III Immigrant Program: Fun At The Botanical Gardens!

On Saturday March 12, 2016 a special group of students and parents gathered at PS196Q. The atmosphere was friendly and curious. It was the first school year that Queens had this kind of a program. Queens schools were given an opportunity to apply for funding for an immigrant program. Ms. Riccardo and Ms. Raber worked together to create a program that would serve to support our immigrant population academically, and help families connect with community services. It was a space-limited class that focused on the science curriculum and a trip to The Queens Botanical Gardens! Parents attended with their children and learned about the plants and animals thIMG_0163at are indigenous to our area. Each parent and child chose a plant or animal that they hoped to see at the Queens Botanical Gardens and drew a picture of it on a tee-shirt. “Don’t forget to wear your tee-shirt next week!” Ms. Riccardo reminded them.






IMG_0149 On March 19th, 2016, the group reconvened for a trip to the Queens Botanical gardens. They filed onto a school bus all wearing their tee shirts and hoping to see the plant or animal that they chose the week before. Some people had never been to the Queens Botanical Gardens, some had. It was a new adventure with new friends!

–Posted by Mrs. J. Riccardo, ENL TeacherIMG_0088IMG_0173 IMG_0143 IMG_0094