Coming to school every day (and on time) is a critical part of the learning experience.  You can read our school’s Attendance Policy here (Attendance Regulations). Our kindergarten attendance is usually below that of other grades. In 2014-15 it was 95.10% for the year, compared to 96.48% for the other grades. Therefore, kindergarten is our target grade this year.  GOAL: To increase kindergarten attendance to 96%, or higher.  As an incentive, each month, kindergarten students with perfect attendance–no absences or latenesses–will receive a prize.

You can track our progress here:  September (97.13%), October (96.23%), November (96.20%), December (95.68%), January (94.53%), February (93.64%), March (95.71%), April (92.98%), May (95.29%), June ()= Overall ()

Did you know you can also track your child’s attendance through his or her NYC Schools Account? If you don’t already have an NYC Schools Account set up, please contact our parent coordinator, Ellen Maurer (

For more information and resources, please visit the New York City Department of Education’s Attendance Page (


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