1. Hi.

    I am now a physician in Greenville, SC and have very fond memories of my days at PS 196. I still remember my teachers from Kindergarten and First Grade, Mrs. Fugazy and Mrs. Pusey, Second Grade, Mrs. Lichtman, Third Grade Mrs. Gottheim, Fourth Grade Mrs. Stern, Fifth Grade Mrs. D’Antona and Sixth Grade Mrs. Gilbert. I was in Fifth Grade when JFK was assassinated. Mr. Tauschner was the principal. I lived down the block at 69-87 113th Street.

    I loved Mrs. Josephine Stern and met up with her in Florida when I was in college in the early 1970’s. I lost touch with her and am certain she’s long gone. I once looked her up at the Board of Ed website in the mid 1990’s and I believe she had passed away in the late 1980’s.

    Anyway, I wanted to know if you had any old photos of my class from those years. If so, I’d love to get copies and hope it’s not too much trouble.

    My address is 33 Station Court, Apt. 301, Greenville, SC 29601 and my e-mail is as above, and my personal email is extremegastro@gmail.com. If there is a fee I am happy to pay.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and be well.

    Lester Paul Salwen MD

    • Hello Dr. Salwen, Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your precious memories. I doubt that you would even recognize PS196! 🙂 We have grown and expanded!

      I have not seen any photos from those days, but if I do, I will certainly send copies your way.

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